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Camp-Demigod Penny Metner App by AubArt3
Camp-Demigod Penny Metner App
:iconcamp-demigod: (FILL OUT AN APP AND JOIN)

:bulletblack:Name: Penny Brook Metner
:bulletblack:Gender: Female
:bulletblack:Age: 17 (18 soon)
:bulletblack:Parentage: Poseidon
:bulletblack:Camp: Greek

art and character (c) AubArt3
Camp Half blood (c) Rick Riordan
Rapunzel Closeup by AubArt3
Rapunzel Closeup
:bulletblack: I drew Rapunzel. Used a screen cap as a reference. I used only Photoshop and my computer mouse. And TA-DA! here is Punzie. Took about 2-3 hours. Tell me if you like it (: I worked very hard

art (c) AubArt3
Rapunzel (c) Disney

-Name: Penelope Brook Metner
-Name Meaning(s): Greek origin, meaning "weaver"
-Nickname(s): Penny
-Age: 18 (The Blood of Olympus)
-Birthday: November 7th  
-Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
-Current Residence: Camp Half Blood, New York
-Sexuality: Straight
-Ethnicity: Greek, European, and Indian
-Zodiac: Scorpio
-Chinese Zodiac: Rooster
-Ruling Planet: Pluto
-Birth Stone: Topaz
-Hair Color: Brown
-Hair Texture: Soft and smooth
-Hairstyle: beach wave curly
-Skin Tone: light tan
-Eye Color: Ocean Green
-Eye Shape: Wide young eyes
-Piercing(s)?: Left ear pierced
-Tattoo(s)?: Wants one…. Badly
-Scar(s)?: Sliced cut on her left shoulder from dragon attack as a child
-Notable Feature(s): Penny is very petite. She has tiny wrists which makes her very fast and nimble. She has freckles along her nose. She always wears a black and white striped bracelet with a skull charm on it (a gift from her deceased boyfriend).
-Height: 5'8
-Weight: 107 lbs.


-Good Traits: Loyal (devotes to her duty, does not want to lose the trust she has earned), Caring (has the knack of caring for others, was trained to heal minor wounds as a young girl), Active (has enormous amounts of energy, can run for many distances), and Adaptability (can adjust to change easily because of all the moving she had to do when younger).
-Flaws: Absent-minded (has a hard time thinking things through, because of her ADHD she gets distracted easily), Aggressive (she hates being bossed around, and her rage leads to her being aggressively rude), Naïve (she can be pretty dumb, not a clear headed thinker), Loner (has a hard time getting close to others, sees others around her as a threat).
-Habits?: Itches her head when anxious. Plays with her hair randomly when she is bored. Penny is very hyperactive so a bit of her has to be moving at all times.
-Favorite Food: Cheese Pizza
-Least: Meat (vegetarian)
-Favorite Drink: Blue Gatorade
-Least: Tea (odd taste to it)
-Favorite Band/Singer: F.u.n. and Matchbox 20 and Neon Trees
-Least: Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj
-Favorite Color: Sea blue
-Least: Pink
-Favorite Scent:  Ocean water
-Least: Meat
-Favorite Article of Clothing: Black Boots (loves them because they have a good enough grip to run in)
-Least: Torn Jeans (really old jeans that she has had patched up for years)
-Favorite Show: Game of Thrones
-Least: Keeping Up with the Kardashians
-Favorite Song: “Somewhere Only We Know” Keane
-Least: “Only Girl in the World” Rihanna
-Best School Subject?: English
-Worst?: Math and Science
-Electives?: Art
-Best Camp Subject?: Swordplay and Horse Riding
-Worst?:  Forging and Rock Climbing


-Roman/Greek?: Greek
-Legacy?: N/A
-Weapon of Choice?: Long sword  
-Mist Version: Trident Ring
-Selected Weapon?: Blue Crush, in Latin is Lorem Contere
-Power(s)/Abilities?: She has the power to control water, and being a daughter of Poseidon she can speak to sea creatures and eventually learned to speak to a variety of animals.
-Favorite Councilor?: Nico di Angelo (he is rarely at camp but he is a loner like her and they get along as unlikely friends).
-Other campers think of your character?: Most campers see Penny as a kind soul. But are kind of confused why she won’t interact with others. Most people just know her as “Percy’s sister, she has Poseidon blood”.
-Is he/she well liked?: Not many utterly hate her. But not many people know her that well.
(If Roman) How long have they served in the legion?: N/A
(If Roman) Current/Past Position: N/A
(If Roman) Legionnaire Tattoo: N/A
(If Roman) Cohort: Third
(If Greek or Roman) Quest(s) Completed?: 2 Quests she's lead and completed
(If Greek) Cabin Number: 3 (at CHB)
(If Greek) ADHD or Dyslexia or Both: ADHD


-Father: Poseidon, God of oceans, earthquakes, and horses.
-Relationship: Penny misses him. She has always wanted a father figure in her life. Met him at the age of 16 and they briefly got to talk. He gave her a hellhound puppy when she was ten, left at the doorstep for her. The dog serves as her protector.  
-Mother: Aria Metner
-Relationship: Penny has always loved and appreciated her mother. Her mom has been her only support in raising her. Aria worked very hard to keep a good life for her daughter. And she has always tried to help her daughter find her place.
-Step-Parent: N/A
-Relationship: N/A
-Sibling(s): N/A
-Notable or Important Relatives: N/A
-Friends (Mortal): Kayleigh Porter, Alvin Calvort and Larry Henderson.
-Friends (Camp): Zayne Deathen (deceased son of Hades), Vince (son of Trvia), and Selena Gratner (daughter of Zeus).
-Best Friend(s): N/A
-Relationship With Each: N/A
-Significant Other: Single
-Past Relationships?: Zayne Deathen (deceased son of Hades. She was really close with him. They dated for a few years and he died because of a quest gone wrong. Since he died she has a hard time getting close to others. All she has left of him is the skull charm bracelet, which has special properties she has yet to discover).


-Preferred Sports?: Cross Country and Track
-Disabilities?: N/A
-Allergies/Diseases?: Allergic to bees (deathly afraid of them for a tough demigod)
-Hobbies?: Running long distance, drawing, and swimming
-Turn-ons?: --
-Turn-offs?: –
-Other Spoken Languages?: Latin and Italian
-Talents?: swimming, drawing, graphic arts, and healing minor wounds
-Fears: heights, bees, electricity, and Dragons
-Protagonist?: Yes
Penny Metner Bio
:bulletblack: Demigod OC Penny Metner daughter of Poseidon

Penny and bio (c) AubArt3
Vince (c) onforever
Camp half-blood & Camp Jupiter (c) Rick Riordan
Camp-Demigod Map by AubArt3
Camp-Demigod Map
:iconcamp-demigod: MAP

:bulletblack: Here is the map of the demigods camp. Welcome to all Greek and Roman demigods. Here is the young demigods guide to surviving the life of being part god/goddess. The Greeks stay in cabins and the Romans stay in Cohorts. But don't worry, they aren't separated. They all are free to roam the beach, lake, stables, armory, and Big House. The demigods can even go on quests together. It doesn't matter what lineage you are from, you are always welcome to make friends.

Map and group (c) AubArt3
Camp-Demigod Profile by AubArt3
Camp-Demigod Profile

:bulletyellow: RULES
- When filling this out you MUST include and original drawing of your character. No use of bases or line arts.
- Make sure to circle which camp they are from. Greek or Roman.
- Include their full name (first and last).
- Choose only one god/goddess they are a child of (don't have them be that overpowered)
- Give them a age, preferably 12+
- Don't go overboard with their weapon.
- Must be your own original character.
- and lastly...... MUST COMPLETE THIS TO APPLY

profile and group (c) AubArt3


AubArt3's Profile Picture
Aubrey Disney Angel
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
:star: Hello I am AubArt3!!! Feel free to call me Aub or Angel. I am 17 years old and still learning how to get better at art. I really love to draw cartoons and characters.

:bulletgreen: Other Accounts
-KENNEL ACCOUNT: Canis-Currit-Kennel

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First off welcome to my new account. This account is gonna be my more permanent account and I will be uploading some old and new work. So thanks loyal watchers for following me here ^_^

And as some of you know yesterday was my birthday. I am now 16!!!! And yesterday I got to go to a BIG TIME RUSH CONCERT!!! I had amazing seats, I was super close to the stage. Probaly about 10th away ^_^ IT WAS AMAZING, I SCREAMED AND DANCED THE WHOLE TIME!!! I even got to touch James when he ran by. And I can face to face with James, Kendall (love him), and Logan. I had so much fun ^_^

That's all :)
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